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  • The dress fit me perfectly and lovely. Also, it was so convenient to order
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    vera Samantha Photoshoot

    First of all, i have to say thank you for sending me two amazing dresses within the very short notice from me. They were both perfect but I had to choose one for fashion photoshoot. The dress fit me perfectly and lovely. Also, it was so convenient to order, very fast was delivered to my place and to ship back. This was my first order and I plan to be a regular customer in the future!

  • A Beautiful Rooya Couture Dress
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    Carleen Pranantio Photoshoot

    Do you love a piece the minute you buy it, wear it once and then push it to the back of the closet?

    Well, me too!

    That's why I choose @belsbee for this beautiful Rooya-Couture dress, i love the dress and every piece of it

    Thank you BELSBEE...

  • BELSBEE, You're definitely every woman's best friend
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    Rahmah Umayya GALA

    Dearest Belsbee Team, thank you for the beautiful experience from the beginning till the end. I truly enjoy the whole package!! Your team is just amazing.. You're definitely every woman's best friend. l'll definitely will coming back for more cinderella moment! Love you Belsbee. Xx -RU

  • BELSBEE Pelayananmu oke banget!
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    Chessie Arasyitta Prewedding

    Pinjem baju di detik2 hari photo session prewedd aku, pas bajunya sampai. Takjub ternyata gown-nya lebih bagus dari yg difoto, setelah di coba cutting bajunya enak bgt pas, putih dan wangi, keep up the good work Belsbee pelayanan kamu juga oke bgt

  • Worth the rent
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    milanisti ria Prewedding

    dressnya fit me so well, the size and the color as same as in the website. I love all the details, it is really worth to rent. Next time mau rent lagii... :)

  • Gak nyangka bisa sebagus ini dipakainya
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    Fobia Cristy Proborini Prewedding

    Dress nya high quality, well maintained, bersih dan pas dipakai. Proses tukar ukuran cepat dan adminnya kooperatif. Gak nyangka bisa sebagus ini dipakainya :)

  • The dress is simply fabulous for the show
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    Nadia Mulya Photoshoot

    I?m using this dress when i was hosting a morning television program, the dress is simply fabulous for the show, thank you belsbee!

  • Teman2 bilang kebayanya bagus banget, where did you get it?
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    Novenska taba Wisuda

    Awalnya takut kebayanya ga sampai tepat waktu soalnya ini pertama kalinya aku coba belsbee. Ternyata sampainya tepat waktu, H-1 sebelum pelantikan dokter. Kebayanya wangi banget dan sesuai dgn ukuran badan aku. Temen2 pada bilang kebayanya bagus banget, sewa dimana? Hehe. Balikinnya juga ga susah, di dalam dus udh ada alamatnya. Terima kasih belsbee. If you want to rent gown, dress, or kebaya, belsbee is very recommended. Affordable price and very easy. Service is good.

  • My First Time Experience with BELSBEE
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    Ketrin Agustine Photoshoot

    This is my first experience with BELSBEE, it was very awesome experience for my photoshoot! Definitely will use the services again. Thank you BELSBEE!

  • Dress for good friend's engagement tea party
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    Clara Devi Wedding Attendance

    Heading to a good friend's engagement tea party. On last-minute preparation, I got the dress delivered to the given address on time. Thank Belsbee !

  • Gatsby 1920 Style
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    Annamaria Septy Photoshoot

    Black ink dress ini aku pakai untuk tema 1920an, kaya ala2 film great gatsby gitu... turns out pretty good!

  • Thank God, I found this online dress/gown rental that provide many top-notch local designers? collection
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    Bethanny Putri Photoshoot

    Last week i just did a photo session for my blog landing page. Since i want to make it lil bit like a fairytale so i decided to wear a gown. But buying a gown just for a single photo session is a lil bit too much for me (i prefer to save my money rather than to spend it for a trivial thing like a piece of expensive designer dress just for a single photo session).  So thank God, I found this online dress/gown rental that provide many top-notch local designers? collection.

  • I received a lot of compliment using this kebaya dress
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    Asri Anggrayni Wedding Attendance

    I really like the design of this kebaya and how it fits on me. The fabric and beads quality is great. I received a lot of compliment using this kebaya dress. Thank you belsbee!

  • I love this gorgeous SEBASTIANred's blue primrose
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    Anastasia Siantar Photoshoot

    This gorgeous SEBASTIANred's blue primrose dress from @belsbee I love. 

    FYI, #Belsbee is Jakarta-based online fashion rental that offers various local designers' gowns for rent with reasonable price may it be for wedding party, birthday event, photoshoot, prom night, you name it!

  • I'm wearing one of @belsbee's collection
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    Patricia Devina Night Out

    I'm wearing one of @belsbee 's collection. They rent designers gown with affordable price. You could be fashionable without the hassle of dry cleaning, cluttered closets or wasted money! #belsbeeID #gownrent

  • bajunya wangi, pas dibadan
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    Friska Romauli Prewedding

    pelayanannya vhia-nya baik hati..ramah dan memudahkan saya dlm peminjaman gown nya..

  • I received a lot of compliment using this dress
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    Yunisa Vaditasari Wedding Attendance

    Well-fitted dress, bahannya jatuh dan halus, pas tiba dressnya juga harum bgt. I also recieved a lot of compliment using the dress. Thank you belsbee <3

  • I just loved this dress with a touch of vintage inspiration
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    Nami Nami Prewedding

    I just loved this dress with a touch of vintage inspiration, the pattern, fabric, texture, color and flow of this beautiful dress was really lovely. Walaupun aga kebesaran sedikit. This dress looks simply adorable and the shipping was so fast. Thanks so much!

  • Celebration
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    Olivia Lazuardy Photoshoot

    It was my boyfriend?s Birthday few days ago and we got to celebrate it in Bali. We went to Ju Ma Na at Banyan Tree and had an amazing 3 course meal dinner. I have to admit that the food was so goooood! More than that, the view is so romantic and relaxing we just never wanted to leave. I was confused on what to wear, and finally decided to dressed up in this beautiful Patrick Owen dress that I got from Belsbee, catch the full story on

  • Bagus dan pas di badan
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    angie chandra Prewedding

    Bajunya bagus sih, pas banget dibadan, fotografernya juga seneng soalnya juga seneng karena sesuai dengan yang dia mau. Pelayanannya memuaskan sekali karena sabar ngadepin aku yang bawel ini. Thank you yah